Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holiday knitting, and inching towards simplicity

My mom asked for a hat to match her winter coat, and chose a nifty design called Ardelle by Ellen Bartz. (Don't tell her I filtered out the fingering and doubleknit patterns before she got to choose. Christmas will be here soon, and there are only so many knitting hours left.) The hat has a sideways cabled band from which you pick up stitches to knit the crown. Here's the work in progress:
I chose a super-soft yarn by Misti Alpaca. It feels like it will be really toasty, which is just what she wanted.

So today is World AIDS Day. The folks at Starbucks emailed me to say they're giving five cents for each drink ordered today to an AIDS-related charity. That's a nice gesture, but I decided to just make my own chai at the office and give the whole five bucks to the Colorado AIDS Project. So there.

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